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The art gallery is a unique feature of the Mason Square Hotel, it features a number of photographer/artists from North America who have an amazing ability to capture light and flow. Landscapes are featured at the moment. If you are interested in purchasing for your home or as a gift, please highlight the photo to take you to the shopping cart where you can choose sizes and finish.

Photography by

Brady Melville

Growing up in Victoria, BC Canada has given me a unique perspective on nature and the outdoors. Spending countless hours in my youth on the beaches and among the trees of this beautiful westcoast rainforest prompted me to begin my adventures in photography. Sharing the amazing scenery through my landscape photography brings me great joy, letting people see the world through your eyes. I prefer to take the road less travelled and am always looking for the shot that no one else gets, the unique perspective that showcases nature at its finest.

Photographing for over 10 years, my camera has taken me across North America shooting Landscape and Wildlife photography. From beaches to mountain tops, deserts to old-growth rainforests I have shot a little bit of everything throughout my journeys. Always ready for a sunset or up early for a sunrise I like to show beautiful places at their finest.

Shooting primarily with a Canon Full-Frame DSLR gives me the range and sharpness to take breathtaking photos. With the 35mm sensor on a Full Frame camera you can capture colours that the eye cannot see leading to extremely vibrant photos that jump off the wall.

Photography by

Joel Moranton

Joel Moranton is the owner and operator of Moranton Media. In 2007 Joel graduated from Brooks Institute of Photography with a BA in still photography, with a focus on product photography and visual media, and a goal of producing high-quality product photography for manufacturers.

Photography by

Big Rich Klein

Big Rich Klein is a legend in the off-road industry, but before that he was a commercial photographer. A graduate of Brooks Institute of Photography with an emphasis on Commercial Product Advertising, he left the camera behind for many years to focus on his offroad career. He has recently picked it up again.

Photography by

Shelley Krehbiel

There are photographers and there are picture takers, Shelley considers herself a picture taker who occasionally gets lucky and gets the shot.