Mason County is full of country roads with amazing views.  Stop down at the Chamber office and pick up a map and take off in any direction.  The roads are narrow and full of life and water.  Windmills and Live Oaks abound.  If the road sign is green, it’s a public road, go explore.  Be safe on the water crossings, but go breathe the fresh air that the county has to offer.

If you like to shop and eat, we’ve got that too.  Although limited, there is great food available.  We have American food at the Willow Creek Café on the square; authentic Mexican at Mi Pueblo, Mexican American at Rico’s and what we call American Mexican at Nacho’s.  In addition, the Lea Lou Co-op offers pizza and just around the corner is Santo’s for gorditos.  Almost all of the restaurants have limited hours and days, so check on those.

Shopping is great on Saturdays, a little shy on Sundays.  Just walk the square and hop in to any of the businesses, Market Square offers great home décor, there are also a number of clothing outlets, and let’s not forget antiques.  My personal favorite is the Mason Thrift Store (just on the other side of the laundromat) – it offers a full side of quality antiques.  Many of the pieces in the rooms came from Wes’s shop.